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Thinking of buying a lathe? If you are into wood-working as a hobby or even as a way to earn money, a lathe is definitely a must-have. Lathes, like other types of machinery, need to be chosen and inspected carefully before you buy one, all the more if you are buying a secondhand lathe. Remember tat lathes are expensive precision devices. So even if you are getting them secondhand, make sure that you do your lathe-shoppingcarefully.

Tips on shopping for a lathe

A good way to kick off a day of shopping for a brand new or used lathe is to polish your knowledge on lathe parts and accessories so that you will know what you are looking at. If you are shopping for a brand new or secondhand lathe, take stock of a few things. For one, take note of the speed, the condition of the spindle, cast iron bed and make sure that the head stock and tail stock are lined up. Check the alignment of the head and tail stock to ensure quality. Brand new purchases will allow you to return lathes with misaligned stocks if you can't check for alignment at the store. If you are lucky, you may even reach a return agreement with the seller when buying a second hand lathe.

You can also check for special features if you are looking for something specific. For example, lathes with indexing heads can be used for special projects. This feature may not be present in all lathes, however. Also make sure that you have something stable to put your machine on. A suitable platform for a lathe should be one that will not vibrate when the lathe is running. Moreover, make sure that the machine is electricity earthed when buying a used lathe.

Tips on using a lathe

Proper handling of a lathe is one way to take care of your equipment. Simple ways to properly work with your lathe include keeping the bed and sideaways clean. This is because particles of casting sand can wear away the components and affect its precision.

Do not wear any jewelery piece and loose-fitting clothes when using a lathe. This can easily get entangled while you are working and can lead to injury. Also work with quality tools and protectors, such as face shields when working with your lathe. Ensure that the working area around your lathe is free of oil and sand to avoid accidents and slips.

For additional advice on how to work with metal and wood turning lathes, go online for free tips and advice from numerous websites and forums that are devoted to the proper use and techniques of working with your machine.

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